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Communication is not just about delivering the message. It is about making sure it is understood, and its purpose is achieved via the right response. This is what we do at IDI by making sure that the message is crystal clear. This is done by ensuring that all translations, editing and proofreading are done by the native speakers of the language in question. These include translations from German to English & English to German in particular, as well as any other language.

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The Benefits of Communicating with Your Customer in their Native Language

  • Nothing is lost in translation
  • It builds loyalty and trust in new foreign markets
  • It boosts sales because more customers can read it
  • You can appeal to a target market more effectively
  • Translations can be done for any company-related materials such as brochures

German to English Translation

Native Speaker Translation

Book Proofreading & Editing

Website Translations

Print Texts of any Topic

Any Language Possible

Translations & Proofreading Portfolio

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IDI is an ideal choice for…

Medical & Pharmaceutical

We provide online marketing services to companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and all other establishments that support health and wellness.

Real Estate & Finance

We support banks, accounting firms, insurance, fintech, finance software & apps, real estate, insurance and investment companies, as well as other other businesses operating in the finance sector.

Travel & Hospitality

We work with companies in the hotel, recreation, tourism, hospitality and catering businesses, as well as companies offering transportation services – airlines, travel agencies, railway and bus companies.

Technology & SaaS

We support clients in the general IT sector. These include SaaS companies, Telecom operators, companies specialising in blockchain technologies, software companies, and other companies specialising in IT.


What Clients Say

Meyske Dobrusin
Meyske DobrusinIGEC Indo-German Education Consultants
Adriana helped us with our website structure and translating all content from German to English. She also assisted in the ...

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Robert Rey
I would like to thank Ms. Stein very much. She helped me to translate operating instructions and engineering risk assessments. ...

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Rustam Miramov
Rustam MiramovMT Container GmbH
Adriana translated our entire website from German to English, as well as included SEO keywords. She completed all of the ...

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Alexander Frank
Alexander FrankFrank Trading Company
Adriana helped with the creation of all the content on our website with a heavy focus on SEO. She helped ...

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Siddharth Kakkar
Siddharth KakkarIndian Tours
Throughout the entire scope of the project, she has been extremely supportive in bringing this project from an idea to ...

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Alice Brückner
Alice BrücknerHEWO Internetmarketing
Ms. Stein was involved in creating English SEO texts for a client’s website. The cooperation was always characterized by speed, ...

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Mathias Stumpf
Mathias StumpfPublished Author
I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful translation work that you provided. I publish books and have ...

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Andreas Trinsch
Andreas TrinschPublished Author
After I had published my book in German, I was looking for a good translator into English (AE) who was ...

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