Every single company needs a marketing strategy

A well-planned and executed marketing strategy is the key to a company’s success. At IDI we have the experience to create a detailed digital marketing strategy that includes:

  • A complete audit of the company’s online presence
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis 
  • A comparative analysis of the top competitors’ online presence
  • Target audience research
  • A SMART digital marketing strategy and implementation plan
  • Quote for IDI’s cost of implementing marketing strategy

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The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Gives your digital marketing a clearly defined direction
  • Increases the effectiveness and sustainability of your online activities
  • Makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing
  • Simplifies data analysis
  • Helps set, monitor, control and adjust your marketing budget
  • Improves ROI



Foreign Market Strategy

Brand Strategy

Market Positioning

Target Market Research


Competitor Research

Audit of Current Strategy

Core Use of Google Analytics




Online Marketing Strategy Portfolio

IDI’s blog covers marketing strategy creation



IDI is an ideal choice for…


Medical & Pharmaceutical

We provide online marketing services to companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, and all other establishments that support health and wellness.

Real Estate & Finance

We support banks, accounting firms, insurance, fintech, finance software & apps, real estate, insurance and investment companies, as well as other other businesses operating in the finance sector.

Travel & Hospitality

We work with companies in the hotel, recreation, tourism, hospitality and catering businesses, as well as companies offering transportation services – airlines, travel agencies, railway and bus companies.

Technology & SaaS

We support clients in the general IT sector. These include SaaS companies, Telecom operators, companies specialising in blockchain technologies, software companies, and other companies specialising in IT.


What Clients Say

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Siddharth Kakkar
Siddharth KakkarIndian Tours
Throughout the entire scope of the project, she has been extremely supportive in bringing this project from an idea to ...

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Asad Khan
It was very inspiring and insightful to learn from Adriana about how to transcribe SEO inside the text content of ...

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Anna Mascaro
Anna MascaroTeracotta Travel
My company, Terracotta Travel, crafts luxury, tailor-made adventures to Europe and Latin America. Adriana Stein has provided us with SEO ...

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Merle Yung
We were interested in learning about SEO and how it works, as we are working on native advertising and found ...

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Cindy Peck
Adriana has been great to work with. She answers all my questions about the different aspects of marketing my business. ...

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Zarah Ziadi
Zarah Ziadimmpro GmbH
For a long time I understood SEO only half way at best. That changed abruptly with Adriana Stein’s consultation. After ...

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