What’s the Big Deal with Online Marketing?

Online marketing involves the use of purely digital methods to promote and sell products and services. This can be done for any industry and any type of business, even if the business only sells offline. A few reasons to use online marketing are:

  • You can be searched and located online easily.
  • Customers and business partners can understand your business without having to contact you.
  • Online marketing and a website means that marketing and sales occur 24/7.
  • Online marketing methods can be combined to maximize their effect.
  • You gain an easier way to calculate true ROI.
  • You convey your USP better than competitors with no online presence.
  • Offline businesses can use online marketing to increase foot traffic & sales.
  • Foreign markets are easier to reach in shorter periods of time at less cost.
  • Testing can be done to ensure that your target market is continually engaged.
  • Customer retention & customer loyalty are simplified.



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    IDI’s Online Marketing Consulting Services Include:

    • SEO & content marketing
    • Social media
    • Brand copywriting & email marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Complete online marketing strategy creation
    • Graphic design
    • Mobile optimized websites & landing pages
    • Online marketing training & audits
    • HR, GDPR and tax related business issues

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