What is Tik Tok – One of 2019’s Most Downloaded Apps

What is Tik Tok? Teens and young people are obsessed with this app and parents don’t understand it – and even many marketers are puzzled about what exactly has made it grow so quickly. Due to its hefty growth, many brands have started to incorporate it into their social media marketing strategies. It has been downloaded rapidly since its launch in 2018, outstripping the traditional social media apps like Twitter and Facebook as the world’s fastest growing social media app!

Teenagers and young people use Tik Tok to make short personal videos and share them. It focuses on music-related videos and has cool features such as filters, speed adjustments and duet functions that make social media fun again! If you want to market your products, build your brand or increase traffic to your website, then using Tik Tok is an excellent idea, because it enables access to a heavily engaged and much younger audience who is open to creative marketing methods.

what is tik tok

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a social media app for sharing user-generated videos. Users create and upload 15-second videos of them dancing, talking, singing or lip-synching. They can also browse and interact with videos from other users that are based on numerous topics. Users have access to awesome features including filters, animation, music and special effects. Young people love short messages that are assimilable. Furthermore, Tik Tok provides short format videos with an easy user interface and numerous customization options. It also enables teens to explore their creativity, show their lives and develop their online presence quickly. 

Who created Tik Tok?

Tik Tok was created by Bytedance in August 2018 by merging Musical.ly and an initially existing Tik Tok. Musical.ly was a video sharing app with many features similar to Tik Tok. Launched in 2014, it steadily gained an active user base over the next 3 years. Musical.ly had over 100 million dedicated monthly users across America and Europe as of November, 2017 when it was acquired by ByteDance for $1 billion.

The initial Tik Tok app was launched by Bytedance in China in 2016. It became popular in Asia and had 500 million active monthly users by the time it was merged with Musical.ly. Bytedance cited the need to improve efficiency as the main reason for merging the two social media video sharing apps. Tik Tok has another version for its Chinese users known as Douyin which has 300 million dedicated users. Most teens in Asia undergo lots of frustration due to conservative social norms and strict parental rules. As a result, Tik Tok became popular among teens in Asia because it allowed freedom of expression. 

How does Tik Tok work for businesses?

Tik Tok gives business owners the opportunity to grow their businesses, because you have instant access to 500 million active users who can be your potential customers. The majority of the users are teens which makes it easier to market tailored products. As a business, knowing the demographics of a social media platform is important if you want to have a high ROI from advertisements. Because teens take up 41 percent of Tik Tok users, the products you advertise on this platform will be specific for them, leading to better conversion rates. 

In addition, Tik Tok is available in 155 countries and can be translated into over 75 languages. This gives you access to a large market where you can sell your products and build your brand. Tik Tok also has accounts specifically for corporate brands and businesses. Using these accounts allows businesses to publish directly with a unique audience, enabling them to build brand affinity and engagement with the younger generation. They can also share promotions and conduct integrated media campaigns.

Tik Tok also has a “Challenge” feature that allows brands and influencers to inspire content creation among their followers. Tik Tok is more than just commenting, liking and forwarding short videos. Using the Challenge feature, you can invite Tik Tok users to compete for the best video in a topic of your choice. Teens love these types of competitions, so this is just one example of how Tik Tok can be used to creatively boost social media marketing.

Mindblowing Tik Tok statistics

Tik Tok has become one of the world’s fastest growing social media networks, because it allows users to create and share videos with extra features such as music, speed adjustments and special effects. Most users are 24 years and younger.

Young people love short messages that can be easily customized. That is why they love using Tik Tok because it allows them to create and watch videos enhanced by popular music. Tik Tok is preferred by teens over Instagram because the number of video editing features it has: augmented reality, music, stickers and other special effects. Overall,Tik Tok enables teens to use their time creatively, meet new people and gain an online presence quickly. 

Overall, the majority of Tik Tok users are young, which makes it easier for business owners to decide which type of products to market in such a platform, because it is already focused marketing.

Here are some of the exciting Tik Tok statistics that may help you as a business owner: 

what is tik tok

These statistics show that Tik Tok is an app that should not be taken lightly. It’s gaining popularity every day and competing with the big apps like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. As a business, you can take advantage of the high number of active users to achieve your goals.

What makes Tik Tok different?

Tik Tok was created with machine learning abilities. This means that Tik Tok automatically improves the way its users consume and receive information, predicting what users want to view and when. Tik Tok mainly suits content creators, because they can utilize their creativity to the maximum. Apart from the 15-second short videos, Tik Tok is becoming popular among teens because of the high number of editing features that match their needs and preferences. This includes augmented reality, music, special effects and filters. Most of these features are not found in other social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube.

Who uses Tik Tok?

About 41 percent of Tik Tok users are between 16 and 24 years. Consequently, any business that intends to advertise its products on Tik Tok targets young people. As a business owner, you can use this advantage to create videos tailored in the style of the younger generation to increase your conversions. This is because more focused marketing campaigns speak directly to the needs of teens.

How to go live on Tik Tok

Going live on Tik Tok allows you to interact in real time with your followers and potential clients as a business owner. To go live on Tik Tok you need to have at least 1000 followers. You must also be at least 16 years old to access the livestream feature. You can answer their questions about your services and clarify issues about your product. Good user engagement on Tik Tok builds your brand as a business.

Here are the steps on how to go live on Tik Tok

  1. Access your Tik Tok app.
  2. Tap the plus sign, located at the bottom center section of the screen.
  3. Use the live button, located next to the option to record
  4. Enter the title of your livestream, then click on “Go Live” to begin 

If you don’t see the option “ Go Live”on your screen, then chances are that you don’t meet the requirements to go live on Tik Tok. 

Get help with Tik Tok marketing

Now that you’ve learned about Tik Tok, are you ready to leverage it to achieve your business goals? Because we are digital natives ourselves, we know how to use Tik Tok to sell your products and services to a younger market through creative content.
At IDI, our team of experts  will help you create unique marketing strategies that will put you ahead of your competitors on Tik Tok. Social media marketing is a service we offer to clients who want to increase their conversions on social media platforms. Whether you want to advertise your products, increase engagement with your followers or get more clients, we can help you with that. We are here to help you scale your business with social media.

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