How An Online Marketing Consultant Can Grow Your Business

How can an online marketing consultant grow your business? If you’d like specialized knowledge, external support at less cost than a full-time employee, or your marketing department requires further help, then hiring an online marketing consultant may be the best option. Online marketing consultants work with businesses to create and implement their marketing strategies in the most efficient way. They might do things like monitor the ROI of your campaigns or make some tweaks to ensure you get maximum results from your marketing efforts.

Overall, hiring an online marketing consultant means that business owners save time and money by not trying to figure out complicated things themselves or training employees, as well as get the skills of a person with a much more diverse background than a full time employee. 

What does an online marketing consultant do?

Online marketing consultants save you money and time as a business owner. They bring in specialized knowledge that achieves your business goals faster because of their multifaceted experience. They also save you the cost and time for training yourself and your employees on digital marketing skills. 

Online marketing consultants can support with tasks like designing a detailed marketing plan, developing the appropriate marketing message for your business, and identifying the best marketing channel to reach your target customers. Online marketing consultants can also revise your current marketing strategies and make some changes that positively increase your ROI. 

They assist business owners who lack particular knowledge, provide support for marketing departments that don’t have the capacity or skills (such as an English native speaker, access to a special market), as well as help determining the local marketing strategy and budget for businesses that don’t know where to begin. 

An online marketing consultant determines how best your company can engage your existing and potential clients to accomplish your annual sales goals. Using your existing business model, they’ll consider where the marketing potential is and create a marketing strategy that works for your brand. 

Here are concrete examples of what an online marketing consultant does: 

  • Identify new opportunities for your business to engage with existing clients and prospective ones.
  • Perform a strategy audit to evaluate the existing market for your business including SEO, social media, and email marketing
  • Create a content strategy that matches the interests of your existing clients and potential ones. 
  • Use and clarify the results of complex marketing tools to monitor your website and achieve optimal results. 

…And much more! 

Reasons your business needs an online marketing consultant

Whether you’re a small business with no marketing experts in your staff or you own a large business with a marketing department, online marketing consultants can provide essential support. They bring an external view of your business challenges, and have fresh ideas that engage new customers and drive sales from the existing ones.This is because online marketing consultants have undergone professional training about marketing and have worked with various companies where they tested and improved their skill-set. 

Online marketing consultants help you save time as a business owner. Instead of investing your valuable time learning digital marketing, you can focus on building deeper relationships with your clients. Training your staff on the latest marketing tools and best practices is expensive and time consuming. You can avoid these problems and earn more money by hiring a marketing consultant. Online marketing consultants acquire specialized marketing knowledge by taking tailored courses, attending the latest seminars on marketing, and actively working with other companies in your industry that consistently put their skills to the test.  

Furthermore, they can help you scale your business. Online marketing consultants have a wealth of expertise about marketing and have a more diverse background than a full-time employee. They have specialized knowledge about how your business can achieve its sales goals fast, because they have already done it for other clients. 

Hiring online marketing consultants will help you save on time while increasing your profitability in the long-term.  

Here are some of the reasons why your business needs an online marketing consultant: 

It saves business owners time

Consultants are hired not only from a lack of expertise but to save business owners time. Business owners are usually afraid to delegate and it stops them from growing and scaling their business. Learning digital marketing skills detracts from the time you need to spend on your own customers. But if you hire an online marketing consultant to lead and direct your online marketing strategies, then you’ll have time to nurture your growing business. You also get time to build deeper relationships with your customers and other employees. 

You require special expertise

Maybe you or your team need native speaker translations, help with a new marketing strategy, special industry expertise, etc. Hiring an online marketing consultant can give you all of these things at the same time – at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. 

Online marketing consultants independently acquire their marketing skills by taking tailored courses. They also work with various companies where they gain experience and improve their skill set. Online marketing consultants are trained and skilled to deliver successful marketing campaigns, so there is much less time for you to experience success than it would take to train an employee. Online marketing consultants know the best marketing tools and practices currently in use that can help you achieve your business goals faster, because that’s the point of their career. 

When working with an expert, you’re assured of not losing your money once again to a failed project, because your marketing team didn’t have the right knowledge! 

You need help growing a business without a marketing department

Marketing is confusing for new business owners. They don’t know the best marketing strategies for their business model. They also don’t know the appropriate tools and best practices that will help them achieve their business goals fast. Creating a strategy for an individual business to get started and grow together requires the expertise of online marketing consultants, because they guide you with how to begin. They have done such projects successfully for a long time and can start your business off in the right direction financially. 

Training your staff on the latest marketing tools and best practices is expensive and time-consuming, and they likely don’t have the oversight you need to create a unique strategy. In the marketing world, updates are a constant. 

You’ll lose productivity and money while trying to get your staff to know about marketing tools when you could already be earning money by starting with an expert. 

Your marketing department needs more support

Your marketing department may lack expertise in some areas and need help. You may try solving a business challenge but fail to come up with a solution. Online marketing consultants bring in a new perspective when looking at your business challenges. They know how to develop effective marketing strategies based on your business model. 

Online marketing consultants also have marketing ideas that have worked in other companies and could work in yours too. They bring in the skills that your employees don’t have, whether it’s language, various skill sets, or specific industry knowledge. Online marketing consultants get these skills through professional training and by experience while working with other companies.  

You need help creating a marketing strategy or optimizing your current one

From scratch or checking what’s working/what’s not, an online marketing consultant can help you design a formidable marketing strategy for your business. This is because they have the knowledge and experience that you lack. They know the business models that will work for your company because they have tried it somewhere else and it was a success. They have worked with businesses similar or bigger than yours and they have gained experience that a full-time employee doesn’t have.  

Online marketing consultants conduct a strategy audit on the business models of their clients. They then come up with an integrated model that works for the companies. Online marketing consultants have worked on numerous projects that are similar to yours in the past. Other employees struggle to do this, because they don’t have the same variety of projects in their background.

You need help understanding marketing analytics and customer data

 Businesses lose time and money trying to monitor and analyze data that they completely don’t understand. 

Platforms like Google Analytics and understanding SEO are time-consuming and complex.An online marketing consultant explains for you all the details about your online business or website simply and with the most up to date tools, because this is the exact point of their job.

How can you tell if an online marketing consultant will bring you results?

Even though anyone can claim to be a marketing consultant, not all of them will deliver as they promise to. Knowing the qualities of an expert online marketing consultant can help you avoid getting scammed and losing your money. An online marketing consultant that can bring results has an exemplary portfolio of projects similar to yours. Here are more ways to know if you made the right choice: 

Look at their portfolio

A portfolio displays their past work. An online marketing consultant with an impressive portfolio will definitely deliver on your project. Past success means that the marketing consultant can manage your digital marketing goals successfully, because they have proof that they’ve done it before. 

Check their reviews

Reviews are the social proof of any business. They show another person’s opinion of a business based on their experience using its services. Look at the reviews of clients who have worked with the online marketing consultant and that’ll give you a clear picture.  

Get to know them during a phone or in-person meeting

Having a phone call or a face-to-face interview enables you to know the online marketing consultant better. You get to gauge their skills based on how they tackle the questions about your project. If they come to the meeting prepared with suggestions, particularly when they’re based on past clients, that’s a good bet that person has the experience you need. 

Gauge their experience in your industry

Inquire about the companies they have worked with and how long they have been offering this service. If they have similar clients in your industry, it’s likely they’ll have already prepared some industry-specific examples during your meeting. They may also address various industries with their own content or portfolio.

Look no further for an experienced online marketing consultant at IDI

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of outsourcing to an experienced and external online marketing consultant, what are you going to do next? 

We can help you scale your business by providing fresh strategies and improving the existing ones based on your business model. At IDI, our team of experts will help you create a formidable digital marketing plan and propose the best marketing channels you can use to reach your target market. We clarify the complex world of online marketing and set your business onto the right path. 

Through a strategy audit and other suitable marketing methods, we will increase the effectiveness of your website and current marketing strategy – all at the fraction of the time and costs it would take to hire a full time employee. 

We are here to help you achieve your business goals and we know exactly how to do it. Get in touch with us for support.  

Published by Adriana Stein

on April 6, 2020

Adriana Stein is an Online Marketing Consultant based in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from the US, she is a native English speaker and specializes in helping companies with their SEO & content marketing strategies, along with graphic design, brand copy and website development.

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