9 Lead Magnet Examples for Lead Generation

A well-designed lead generation strategy begins with lead magnets. They’re named as such, because they act like a “magnet” and encourage customers to opt-in to your sales funnel by providing their contact information (usually the email address).

Once they opt-in, they automatically become a lead. You then follow up with them and provide useful information via email marketing until they finally make a purchase (or at least that’s the best case scenario).

So what types of lead magnets generate the most leads? Take a look below to find out!

9 Lead Magnet Examples for Lead Generation

These 9 lead magnet examples will help you acquire leads and retain your existing customers in 2020 and beyond.

#1 Ultimate Guides

Ultimate guides are one of the most common types of lead magnets used by businesses on their websites. 

An ultimate guide is a comprehensive article written about a specific topic in your target niche. It involves providing detailed content that is packed with resources such as links to the original articles. It should also address everything your target audience is looking for in a topic. For example, if you are in the SEO niche, you can create an ultimate guide about link building strategies. You then provide clear steps to eventually increase the backlinks to your site and give links to other articles that may be helpful to your reader. The key to a successful ultimate guide is that it should address a solution your prospects are trying to find.

#2 Cheat Sheets

Is your blog covering complex topics? Then creating a cheat sheet helps your audience understand your blog posts and articles in a more summarized manner.

A cheat sheet is typically a one-page sheet that offers a summary of long-form content. It gives your readers a chance to remind themselves of what they learned from your content quickly, as well as makes your content easier to consume.

#3 Video Training

Videos are easier to consume compared to written content. They provide faster gratification and stimulate more senses (i.e. hearing).The most common format for lead magnet videos are the “How-to videos.” They explain in a simple and interactive manner how a prospect can address a problem effectively. 

Case studies also do well in video content. Potential clients who want to use your product will be eager to see how your product helped other clients grow their businesses. 

A third option is to use webinar video excerpts as lead magnets. This method is highly effective in terms of personalizing your strategy and targeting a specific audience.

#4 Resource Guides

If you have a long-form article about a topic, then creating a resource guide is a good idea. A resource guide is a collection of things such as ebooks, articles, and videos that may help your prospect achieve better results. 

The perfect resource guide should be tailored towards your audience, easy to navigate, and clearly helpful. You can even include affiliate links here to earn passive income.

#5 Surveys

A survey is an engaging way to generate leads because you are asking site visitors to give their opinions on a particular topic. To get the results of the survey, the participants give their email addresses where it will be delivered. 

Surveys can be used to identify the challenge that most of your prospects are facing and the solutions they think are best. Surveys help you to understand your customers at a deeper level and improve your products to match their needs. 

#6 Workbooks

A workbook is a download-and-complete resource that helps your readers implement the strategies of your articles to grow their business.

The goal of a workbook is to help the user learn your strategies by actually doing them. Just like a teacher to student, the workbook positions you as an expert in your field. 

Neil Patel has a good example about how to write blog posts that rank on Google. He then created a workbook in a way that by the time you have completed the worksheets, the blog post will be finished.   

#7 Ebooks

Ebooks are formed by combining a series of blog posts in a specific subject. The purpose of an ebook for lead generation is to help your audience get help quickly, instead of navigating your blog and trying to locate the related articles. 

For example, if you have a blog about men’s fashion, you can combine such articles into a ebook:

  • How to match your ties to your suits and shirts
  • How to tie a tie: 12 different styles
  • Types of ties and when to wear them
  • How to wear ties and pocket squares

By creating an ebook, you are offering a convenient bundle of resources that your site visitors will find irresistible. And that is how a lead magnet should be.  

#8 Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to acquire leads while interacting with your prospects, because they have to submit their email addresses to register. What’s more, they provide a great way to identify more qualified leads by how active they are during the presentation. 

One top here is to indicate the clear date when promoting your webinar on the CTAs and conduct multiple webinars if the first one has a low turnout. 

#9 Case Studies 

Case studies are a powerful lead magnet, especially in the B2B sector. This is because prospects are eager to learn the results your product or service brought to another business over a specific period. Case studies are genuine proof of your expertise in front of your target clients. 

If you have a blog post or an interview clip with an existing customer showing the impact of using your product, then you can convert it into a case study. Highlight the challenge that the customer came with and how your product was able to solve it. Provide statistics and success metrics to make the case study believable. 

Is your lead magnet generating enough leads for your business? 

With these lead magnet examples, your lead generation strategy is sure to get off on the right foot.

But maybe you need some help with that?

I can help you create powerful lead magnets that your site visitors will find irresistible. Let me help you acquire leads and grow your business. Get in touch with me!  

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