How to Read Your Google Analytics Dashboard

What details are there on your Google Analytics dashboard? How can they help you achieve your business goals? Google Analytics is without a doubt one of the best free online marketing tools available to business owners. It gives you better information about your website. For example, it helps you monitor how visitors find and use your website. It also reveals the best platform to market your products by tracking the ROI of marketing ads on different platforms. 

Understanding your Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to create the right marketing strategies that will help you achieve your business goals. If you own an online store, use a website to market your business, or even have a store with a physical location, Google Analytics metrics show you the products and services that your potential clients actually love and want. If you make improvements to meet the needs of your visitors, then your sales will most certainly increase.  

What information does the Google Analytics dashboard show?

Google Analytics is essential for every business because it provides valuable information about websites. As a business owner, you can learn the behavior of your website visitors including their source, how long they stay on your website and pages visited most of the time. Google Analytics also shows you how to improve your website performance. For example, by revealing the pages where visitors spend a short time, you can redesign that page to make it more appealing. 

Google Analytics is also important for people who own physical stores because it can help you increase foot traffic. Since most of your potential clients are online, they are most likely to visit your website as they search for products that meet their needs. With the data from the Google Analytics dashboard, you can create attractive pages that convince your web visitors to buy products at your physical store. For example, the Top Pages metric reveals which content strategies are working because visitors spend a lot of time in them. Consequently, you will continue using those strategies to create content that appeals to your potential clients. 

And if you were wondering what it would cost you to use Google Analytics, then you don’t need to worry because it’s absolutely free! Use data from the Google Analytics dashboard to achieve your business goals by creating a splendid website that meets the needs of your visitors. 

An overview on the Google Analytics dashboard 

The Google Analytics dashboard shows data overviews that help you determine how your website is performing at any moment. These data overviews include sessions, average session duration, bounce rate, and goal conversion rate. These data overviews focus on a specific area of your website visitors and help you to learn the best strategies to improve your site performance. 

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1. Sessions 

A session refers to the number of interactions a user has with your website within a specific period. Google Analytics sets a session to be a time frame of 30 minutes. This means that Google Analytics will count everything that a user does on your website such as browsing pages and downloading resources before they leave, as a session. You can always change the session period. 

Sessions show whether your marketing strategies are helping you achieve your business goals or not. A high number of sessions reveal that your marketing strategy is perfect and your website may be providing beneficial information to your potential clients. However, a consistently low number of sessions shows that your marketing strategy is poor and probably only a small number of people use your content. 

2. Average Session Duration 

The average session duration reveals how long users stay on your website. It indicates how engaging your content may be to users. If your website has a longer average session duration, then it means you are meeting the needs of your visitors. Your content strategy is working well and you should continue using it. However, if your average session duration is short, then you should change your content strategy because the resources on your website are not addressing the needs of your potential clients. Good average session duration should be between 2-3 minutes. This period is enough for a visitor to do many things on your website including browsing pages, enrolling in an email list, download a resource and much more. 

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3. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of single-page visits. It shows the percentage of people who left your website after visiting only one page. The bounce rate reveals the level of user engagement as well as the pages that may need improvement.  A high bounce rate shows that your content is not what your potential clients are looking for or you are marketing your products to the wrong audience. 

4. Goal conversion rate 

Goal conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who completed the action you intended for a particular page. For example, a blog post may have a CTA such as downloading a resource. Google Analytics will calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of people who completed the action with the total number of page visits, then multiply by 100 percent. The conversion rate reveals the effectiveness of your content strategy. When this metric is used with others such as bounce rate and average session duration, you can evaluate if your potential customers are getting high-quality resources from your website.  

Make these powerful metrics work for you

Now that you have learned the importance of the metrics on your Google Analytics dashboard, are you ready to leverage them to create content that appeals to your potential clients? Since we are digital experts ourselves, we can help you create a workable content strategy based on data from your Google Analytics dashboard.
At IDI, our team of experts will help you understand how to use Google Analytics metrics to achieve your business goals. With the data from the Google Analytics dashboard, we can instantly determine the areas of your content strategy that need improvement. And the recommendations from our strategy audit will position your business for success. Let us help you reach the peak of your business potential. Get in touch with us!

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