Design Trends 2020 – How to Prep Your Brand Designs for 2020

Which design trends will make your brand stand out in 2020? As a business owner, brand identity is critical to beat your competitors and build a unique presence in the market that resonates with your potential clients. Whether it’s creating custom fonts, using bold and contrasting colors or animated videos, cutting-edge design trends will help you achieve your business goals in 2020

Design trends change quickly. What may be catchy and compelling today may not be trending tomorrow. As a business owner, you should continuously leverage the trending designs to achieve your business goals. Excellent designs enable you to tell the story of your product in a way that your audience will identify with. They allow your brand to get noticed as the one dedicated to solving your clients’ needs. Trends such as animated videos in particular will increase engagement between you and your potential clients.

Here is a list of design trends that are poised to take over the design world in 2020. 

design trends 2020

1. Unique branding for businesses reaches far past logos

Even though every brand needs a logo to differentiate it from other brands, designs for brand identity will extend past logos in 2020. Businesses are realizing the importance of having a comprehensive brand identity that includes their websites, business cards, social media presence, graphic designs, and logo. They are not after a generic identity that makes their design assets feel like a cookie-cutter. Instead, they want a unique design for each of their assets that will impress their potential customers. 

Unique designs of products showing Optus’s Brand Identity in a comprehensive manner. Source: 

If you want to reach out to more potential clients and strengthen your brand presence in the market, then you need to improve the designs of these assets. Design consistency engages your audience better and strengthens your brand awareness across all channels. 

2. Custom typography

Creating custom fonts for businesses is going to be a big thing in 2020. Custom fonts are increasingly used in posters and logos. Companies are realizing that typography speaks volumes about their brand and what people expect to get from them. For example, a serif font would make people believe that a financial company is trustworthy and reliable. While a startup technology firm would prefer the sans serif font because it makes them appear modern and sophisticated to their potential clients. 

Image showing sans serif font as the custom font for Netflix. Source: Digital Arts

Before you start designing custom typography for your brand ensure to be clear on how you want your customers to think about you. Different fonts portray your company in different ways.

Look at this example:

Our mission is to help customers find information about new technologies in a convenient and authentic manner.

Our mission is to help customers find information about new technologies in a convenient and authentic manner.


Each one of these fonts convey this message in a different way, so it goes the same for any of your graphic designs. Consult a designer to help you choose the typography that best describes your vision and mission to your potential clients. Designers can make small adjustments to the existing fonts and come up with a unique font for your business. 

Other trends in typography include the use of bold typography and lowercase texts. Bold typography will replace the image as the main element in posters. Lowercase texts are seen as easy to read. They are used in minimalist and modern designs. Lowercase text applications in designs are bound to increase in 2020.   

3. Illustrations on packaging  

Illustrations are a powerful technique that has been used in packaging design for many years and will certainly be used more often in 2020. Using illustrations, a business can tell a story to their potential clients about the reason for creating a product. A company can show the challenge they aim to solve using a product by illustrating it on the packaging design.

GIF of a packaging illustration telling the story behind the creation of the cafe velvet coffee. Source:

As a business owner, you know the problem you’re trying to solve using your product. Creating a packaging design that shows how your product solves that problem can increase your sales. This is because your potential clients will easily understand that you are in the market to solve their challenges. Everybody loves what takes away their problems.

Furthermore, it can also help industries in saturated markets. Like in the image above, there are bazillions of to-go coffee cups you can purchase. But when you add a bit of pizzazz to the design, your coffee can stand out that much more. 

4. Animated logos make your brand memorable

We already mentioned that animations will become a must-have in 2020. So, the same goes for logos, too. Marketers are noticing that animated logos are more engaging, memorable and appealing compared to traditional logos. Animated logos draw the attention of potential clients with a stronger awe factor. Plus, they just look legit awesome! 

Animation logo design for Melbura by Ach Hadda. Source:

5. Animated videos to explain the problem your product solves

In 2020, animations are going to be a regular part of online business presence. Whether it is sending emails to clients, social media posts, websites or mobile apps, animated videos will dominate as the main method of communication. This is because research reveals that animations are memorable and engaging compared to texts and pictures.

View an example animated explainer video here.

Businesses can also explain complicated things about their products to their clients using animated explainer videos. Companies that use animated videos to advertise their products in 2020 will gain a stronger social media presence and become popular among potential clients. As a business, you should start incorporating animated videos in your social media posts and website content. Your audience can more easily understand how your product solves their problems with animated explainer videos compared to blog posts and pictures.

6. Bold, contrasting colors that draw the attention of your clients

Even though most successful designs brag of using the neutral color palette, in 2020 brands are going to use bold and vibrant colors in their designs. Designers want to inject personality into their work using colors and gradients. They feel that neutral colors are boring and want a more playful approach to design. 

Image of a poster using bold and contrasting colors. Source:

As a business, if you have wanted to experiment with vibrant colors, then now is the time. Add bright colors to your design assets including logo, social media presence, products, and business cards. Using bold and contrasting colors in your designs can help you create a memorable product in 2020. 

Do your graphic and web designs convey your brand well enough to get you customers in 2020?

Now that you have learned the top design trends for 2020, how are you going to leverage your design assets to achieve your business goals? Because we are expert designers ourselves, we can help you stand out in a market saturated with competition and grab your audience’s attention. 
At IDI, our team of experts will help you create a unique brand identity for your business using the top trending designs in 2020. Website and graphic design is a service we provide to business owners who want to improve their brand presence among their target audience. We will help you tell the story of how your product solves the problems of your potential clients in a relevant and emotional manner. Let us help you achieve your business goals using engaging and entertaining design trends that your audience will love!

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