Content Marketing Trends 2020

What content marketing trends for 2020 do you need to keep in mind? Content marketing helps you to build strong relationships with your prospects and existing clients. It encourages conversions by educating customers to make the best buying decisions. By learning and implementing content marketing trends, you stay ahead of your competition and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You also develop a formidable content marketing strategy that keeps your audience engaged. 

Here is a list of the content marketing trends for 2020. 

content marketing trends 2020

#1 User-generated content

User-generated content is any piece of content created by customers instead of brands. Content can be videos, images, reviews, and texts. Brands often encourage the sharing of user-generated content on their social media accounts, websites, and other marketing channels, because it helps them build trust, drive purchasing decisions, and promote the authenticity of their products. In fact, 80% of the survey participants considered purchasing a product after consuming user-generated content, so the numbers confirm how truly worthwhile it is. 

To give one of the top examples, Instagram is the most commonly used social platform to share user-generated content. It’s common practice for Instagram users to post videos and images featuring a brand, which is often connected with influencer marketing. 

Even if you’re not searching for an influencer to promote your products, you can use other methods to encourage user-generated content, such as offering particular incentives, creating contests, using particular hashtags, and asking questions. Overall, the more purposefully you build your audience, the more likely they’ll be to share their own content connected to your brand.

#2 Optimizing content for voice search

Adding voice search to your content strategy is no longer an option but a must if you want to engage your audience in 2020 and beyond. According to Edinson Research, more than 65 million Americans now own smart speakers. And out of this number, 14 million users have bought something after consuming content from a smart speaker. While this number may be low now, it is not insignificant because the number of smart speaker users continues to rise annually. Plus, any smart marketer knows that the most successful strategies catch trends before they go viral. 

Providing compelling and voice-activated content to your audience opens up a new way of engagement. It is an easier way to educate your prospects compared to blog posts that may be too long and boring to read. Content marketers need to start anticipating what their audience would ask in a conversational manner and create content based on these conversational questions.

#3 Conversational marketing

Businesses are realizing the fastest way to move clients through the sales funnel is to engage in one-on-one conversations with them. When you communicate personally with a prospect, you not only create a human experience but you also learn the challenges that motivate your prospect. This information helps you to formulate relevant content marketing strategies for your audiences throughout the customer journey

Examples of conversational marketing channels include email marketing, live customer support, Facebook Messenger marketing, and other messaging apps. Through these marketing channels, you get the opportunity to interact with your existing and potential customers on a personal level. If you want to learn more about your prospects faster than your competition, then you need to focus on conversational marketing in 2020. 

#4 Video content

Hunger for video content is going to be bigger in 2020. According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers wish to get more video content from brands that they love. If you want to build a strong relationship with your audience, you need to start creating informative video content. You can use popular platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even your website. 

One of the best ways to apply video content is to do a Livestream session where you answer questions about your products from customers. You can do a Livestream using Instagram Live and Facebook Live (more recently also on LinkedIn). Interacting with your customers through Livestreams builds trust and credibility in your products and services. You can also create animated videos explaining how your products solve your target client’s problem. Overall, videos are more engaging than blog posts, and leveraging them in your content marketing strategy will bring you more engagement and better conversions. 

#5 Ultra-targeted, customer-first content 

It is said that content is king but in reality, the customer is king, and content is the medium through which we reach them. Customers don’t just want to buy a product, they want to solve their problems, and in the process feel inspired. This is why it is critical for marketers to focus on customer-oriented content instead of product-oriented content

In 2020, marketers are going to produce content that helps their prospects throughout the customer journey. This content will be directed at solving specific problems that customers encounter when making buying decisions. Well-designed content should empathize with and educate prospects without sounding salesy. Identify your customer’s challenges and pain-points, then formulate a content strategy around this information. 

#6 Customer journey mapping

More businesses are going to do customer journey mapping in 2020. A customer journey map is a visual representation of all the experiences your customers have when interacting with you. It describes customer experiences from the first encounter to the moment they become your brand ambassadors and beyond. A customer journey map enables you to understand the desires of your customers at each stage of the sales funnel. Consequently, you will provide the necessary resources to help your clients solve their problems effectively, bringing them much closer to purchasing from you.    

#7 Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an emerging trend within content marketing. Augmented reality is a type of technology that expands your physical environment by adding layers of digital information to it. Simply put, AR combines both the physical and virtual worlds to create an imaginary object. It allows potential customers to experience using products just by tapping their mobile devices. AR is a tool that, if used effectively, can drive sales and increase brand awareness for your business. 

B2B marketers will employ AR in their strategies to improve sales because it allows customers to see more details about a product compared to a flyer or a PowerPoint presentation. Salespeople with digital devices will provide customized augmented reality applications that showcase a 360-degree view of a product. These prospects will interact with the product and get firsthand the information necessary to make the buying process much simpler.

Is your content marketing strategy prepared for future trends?

Now that you have learned the content marketing trends for 2020, what are you going to do next? We are expert content marketing strategists ourselves. We can help you develop and implement your content strategy to attract more clients and stay ahead of your competition in 2020 and beyond. 

At IDI, our experts will listen to your business goals and help you formulate effective content strategies to achieve them. Through our strategy audit service, we will analyze the pain-points and challenges of your customers and propose the right solutions to include in your content marketing plan. We are here to help you move to the next level of the business game. Get in touch with us! 

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