The Benefits of Website Translations

The internet gives you access to potential clients from all different parts of the world. Nonetheless, since there is no single universal language, chances are that you cannot engage all prospects with a single-language website. So, website translations are the key to accessing different global markets, which in turn generates more revenue and gives access to new target groups. 

Hiring a native speaker for website translations increases customer engagement in the local markets, because they understand local cultural elements and know how to translate your content with particular industry words that match your brand and services. Your target clients in foreign markets will easily connect with your brand and accept your products because native speakers know how to directly speak to their needs.  

what is transcreation

What is localization?

Localization involves more than rewriting a text into another language. It entails adapting your message to meet the needs of local audiences as well as the laws and rules of that particular country. For example, even though Argentina, Spain, and Mexico speak the same language, you’ll need to provide different versions of your content for each of these markets. They have contrasting cultures, dialects, and grammar that you will have to consider when coming up with a marketing strategy for each locality. 

Standard translations using translation tools aren’t enough to achieve conversion goals in local markets. Plus, translation tools only spit out cheap translations that no local can actually understand. Localization enables you to gain the trust of your potential clients. It allows you to go past the language barriers and provide customized content for the local audience. Native speakers know how to develop localized messages because they understand the cultural needs of that particular target group. That’s precisely what being a “native speaker” means. 

What is transcreation?

Slightly different from localization, transcreation involves re-evaluating content for a local audience and adapting it to appeal to an audience with a different culture. Transcreation entails understanding the target market and modifying your message using suitable language, style, and tone to appeal to them. 

The process of transcreation demands more than a translator with linguistic skills. To accomplish effective transcreation, you need to have a deep understanding of your target clients’ culture. Hiring native speakers to transcreate your content is what enables the target audience to relate to your products and become motivated to act.

website translations

The benefits of localized website translations for your business

Localized website translations allow you to expand your business into the international markets and increase customer engagement. You will achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently when you utilize local content and transcreation.  

#1 Accurate brand recognition in global markets

Describing your products and services to target markets in their native language enables them to recognize your brand. They trust you because your message is modified to appeal to their needs and culture. When foreign clients understand your message, they will use your products and share their experiences with friends. Consequently, your brand will build up a strong presence in such markets.

#2 Increased revenue and profits by targeting foreign markets

According to a study conducted by Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of participants say that they would buy an expensive product if it is described in their native language. The study also revealed that 56.4% of consumers considered the ability to obtain information about a product in their language more crucial than learning the price. Performing localized website translations to meet the needs and culture of your target market will increase sales and profits.   

#3 More website traffic

According to a Gallup survey of language preferences among internet users in 23 EU countries, 9 out of 10 people prefer visiting sites with their native language. It also revealed that one in five Europeans doesn’t browse websites with languages different from their own. Enabling website translations gives you access to audiences from different parts of the world. Being able to consume your content in their native language encourages them to spend more time on your site because you’ve made the effort to communicate with them with localized content.  

#4 Stand out from the competition

You can get ahead of your competitors by translating your website and entering a language market before they do. By presenting your products to target clients in their language, you will win their trust and establish a strong brand presence in international markets, unlike your rivals.  

#5 Better customer engagement

Dedicated online marketing allows you to connect with your audience and get immediate feedback about your products. Translating your website content to the languages of your audiences will enable you to get feedback about your products and services from every prospect. This allows you to connect with them at a deeper level and gain their trust. You can also learn practical ways to improve your product to meet the needs of clients in foreign markets.  

Why you should hire a native speaker to translate your website 

Native speakers will help you achieve your goals in global markets by tailoring your marketing strategy to meet the preferences of your target customers as well as the laws and regulations of that country.  

#1 They know particular words for certain industries

Native speakers know the specific words to use when describing the benefits of your products to local markets. These words not only inspire a connection with your brand but also compels your potential clients to take action. Native speaker translations are essential for particular industry content, because then you know that they’re choosing the appropriate vocabulary for a particular location. 

#2 Native speakers understand cultural elements

Unlike machine translators, native speakers are familiar with the culture of your target audience. Understanding cultural elements are crucial to delivering a customized marketing message that your prospects will relate to. A native speaker will be able to convey a message about your services in a way that will motivate your target clients to take action. 

#3 Translation sites suck at branding

Translation sites are not accurate and may not present a message in the right context. Certain words have different meanings in a language, and translation sites may not be able to detect this issue. Therefore, only a native speaker will be able to discern the right word to use when translating a marketing message into another language. Translation sites also don’t understand the style and tone that matter in branding. Native speakers will present your brand to local markets in an appealing manner that you prefer.  

#4 Get in touch with local markets better

Native speakers understand the needs of the local markets as well as their culture. That’s what makes them “native”. Consequently, they understand the best way to communicate with your target audience by using certain words, tones, and styles that your audience can relate to. This is why prospects will trust you and choose your products over competitors.

Website translations from IDI’s portfolio

Because IDI is based in Germany, we are highly familiar with the German market. Furthermore, the founder, Adriana Stein, is a US English native speaker. As a result, IDI often helps German companies create localized content for English-speaking markets, which often involves German and English translations. We act as the bridge between Germany and the US and ensure that your content always meets those standards.

Here are a few examples of our translation work:

View more of our work on our portfolio.

Leverage the power of website translations reach new audiences

Now that you have learned what localization is and the benefits of localized website translations to your business, what are you going to do next? We offer expert native speaker translations ourselves. We can help you reach international audiences by translating your content and conveying your marketing strategy in a manner that they will relate to.

At IDI, our team of experts will help you achieve your business goals through website translations. Native speaker translations is a service we offer to help business owners get their message to audiences with a different language. We will add pizzazz to your content so that your target market can deeply connect with your services and brand. Let us help you to engage your foreign audience through localized website translations and transcreation!   

Published by Adriana Stein

on May 8, 2020

Adriana Stein is an Online Marketing Consultant based in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from the US, she is a native English speaker and specializes in helping companies with their SEO & content marketing strategies, along with graphic design, brand copy and website development.

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