B2B Marketing Trends 2020

B2B marketing trends in 2020 focus on improving the overall customer experience as they interact with your business along the buyer journey. Companies are realizing the value of making the purchasing process simple and quick. 

What’s more, conversational chatbot marketing is bound to increase, as studies show that site visitors interact with chatbots when they need help. This time, chatbots are going to initiate conversations that drive site visitors to download resources in exchange for their email addresses. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the b2b marketing trends for 2020. 

Top 8 B2B marketing trends 2020

These B2B marketing trends are likely to help you generate leads and retain existing clients in 2020 and beyond. Find out which B2B marketing trends to use to grow your business in 2020 and beyond.  

#1 Emphasis on customer experience

B2B marketers are going to focus on improving customer experience throughout the buyer journey. This is because providing a better customer experience results in increased revenue, customer loyalty, and other benefits. 

According to McKinsey& Company, improvements in customer experience reduces customer churn rate by 10 to 15%. It also increases the win rate of offers by 20 to 40%  and lowers the cost to serve by 50%.

Businesses need to provide effective information at every stage of the sales funnel to help their prospects make better buying decisions. When you make the purchasing process as simple and quick as possible, you stand out from their competitors as the best choice for your target audience.   

 #2 Email marketing segmentation 

More B2B marketers are going to segment their email lists in 2020 and beyond. This is because segmented email campaigns have a higher email engagement compared to non-targeted email campaigns. According to Mailchimp, segmented campaigns have 14.31% higher open rates compared to the non-segmented ones. What’s more, segmented campaigns have 100.95% higher clickthrough rates compared to non-segmented campaigns (wowza!).

Email marketing is becoming much more than sending emails and waiting for leads to come in. Marketers who segment their subscribers into specific groups based on their stage on the sales funnel and send highly personalized emails will have much higher conversion rates.

#3 Video content marketing expands

Video marketing is here to stay. Here is proof: 

  • 70% of B2B buyers watch videos as part of their product research before conversion, according to 522 Productions.  
  • Videos are shared 1200 times higher compared to text and images combined, according to Social Media Today
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week and 55% watch online videos every day, according to Hubspot.

In 2020, businesses need to create videos with messages targeted for segmented audiences on social media in order to stay in the game. These messages need to be customer-centric and ultra-targeted to bring out higher engagement from prospects. 

#4 Virtual events

Events marketing is still relevant in 2020 as it was in the past, only this time it will be done through video conferencing following the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual events in the form of  seminars, product training, and leadership workshops will remain highly useful for B2B.

Virtual events have a huge impact on businesses because it is during such times when you can convince a lead to purchase your product. Video conferencing enables you to interact at a closer level with your leads and persuade them into buying your product by demonstrating its benefits. You also elaborately answer every question the lead may have about your product, regardless of location or time zone. 

#5 B2B personal branding on LinkedIn 

More B2B companies will implement personal branding on LinkedIn to attract and convert prospects into clients. Companies are realizing that by adding a human touch to their B2B content strategy, it not only makes your brand interesting but also helps your brand to appeal to potential clients. This is because the prospects focus on you rather than some unknown company.  

Using LinkedIn personal profiles, business executives regularly provide valuable information about how their audience can solve their challenges. As a result, their target clients become interested in their individual brand, and then their company by default. The stronger your personal brand, the more effective your B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn will be.

#6 More chatbot functionality

Chatbots are going to free up redundant tasks that customer service agents perform, allowing them to focus on more demanding issues. 64% of companies with chatbots spend most of their time solving complex problems as compared to 50% who don’t. 

Conversational chatbot marketing is transforming how businesses communicate with customers. This is because it motivates the site visitor to engage in a conversation before making a decision. The use of chatbots in messaging apps increases lead generation, marketing engagement, and boosts brand awareness among prospects. 

Voice bots are also likely to rise because they are more engaging compared to chatbots and improve Voice Search SEO for companies.

#7 Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing involves targeting decision-makers within specific organizations through personalized and direct communication. This differs from inbound marketing, which involves inspiring your audience to initiate the communication first by creating informational content.

More companies will adopt account-based marketing in 2020 and beyond because it has a higher ROI of 97% compared to other marketing strategies. Businesses who align their sales and marketing departments and create personalized marketing materials increase the chances of converting ABM prospects. 

#8 High-value content targeted to prospects 

Companies are going to focus on creating content that provides solutions to their prospects’ problems. It will no longer be about lengthy content but rather a larger focus on high-quality content that offers valuable insights quickly and elaborately. 

Businesses should focus on producing product demos, webinars, case studies, and other forms of content that addresses customer pain points. The key here is that high-value content builds trust in your brand, making it easier to convert your audience into customers. 

Overall, strong relationships are the foundation of sustainable businesses and content marketing is the best way to nurture such relationships.    

Is your B2B marketing strategy prepared for 2020?

Now that you have learned about the B2B marketing trends for 2020, what are you going to do next? 

I can help you create a formidable B2B marketing strategy to attract more prospects and increase your revenue in 2020 and beyond. Whether you are a startup or a company looking to increase its customer base, I will help you achieve your business goals! Get in touch with me!  

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