what is tik tok

What is Tik Tok – One of 2019’s Most Downloaded Apps

What is Tik Tok? Teens and young people are obsessed with this app and parents don’t understand it - and even many marketers are puzzled about what exactly has made it grow so quickly. Due to its hefty growth, many brands have started to incorporate it into their social media ...
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online marketing consultant

How An Online Marketing Consultant Can Grow Your Business

How can an online marketing consultant grow your business? If you’d like specialized knowledge, external support at less cost than a full-time employee, or your marketing department requires further help, then hiring an online marketing consultant may be the best option. Online marketing consultants work with businesses to create and ...
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What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work?

What is Google Analytics and how does it work? Why should every single business be using it? Google Analytics is without a doubt the top free online marketing software available - both for new and highly-developed businesses. These days, even if your business isn’t online at all, you need a ...
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seo trends 2020

SEO trends 2020 – What To Keep in Mind for SEO in 2020

Creating an online marketing strategy that consists of the current digital marketing channels used in promoting a product or service is extremely important if you want to receive maximum returns on your investment (ROI). That being said, search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the most important digital marketing tools ...
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google analytics metrics

7 Top Google Analytics Metrics To Boost Your Marketing

What are Google Analytics metrics? How can understanding them boost your marketing? Google Analytics metrics allow business owners like you to study the behavior of your website visitors and know if your marketing strategy is working. For example, if most visitors spend less than 1 minute on your pages, then ...
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marketing trends 2020

Marketing trends 2020 – A Guide to This Year’s Marketing Trends

As technology evolves, so do the digital marketing techniques. At marketers, it is our job to excel at the current digital marketing techniques, anticipate what’s coming and offer our customers the most effective digital marketing solutions that are in line with the current trends. We at IDI know what’s in, ...
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lead generatino strategies

An Overview on Lead Generation Strategies

In the era of digitalisation, information about anything and everything is literally at one's fingertips. Now, when a consumer wants to make a purchase, that person probably already knows what product to buy (or at least already has a pretty good idea). This means that the goal of any modern ...
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import export business

Reach Your Target Market as an Import Export Business with Online Marketing

Why would an import export business be interested in online marketing? There are numerous online marketing tools that help both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Client (B2C) businesses that focus on import/export reach their target audience, create conversions, and enhance lead generation. The facts are clear: More than ...
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email marketing strategy

How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy

Using an email marketing strategy is one of the top methods to generate leads and promote brand awareness for companies. They provide an outlet to promote your content to the exact people who are interested in a non-intrusive manner. Email marketing also makes it simple to establish contact with potential ...
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case studies for marketing

How To Use Case Studies For Marketing

Case studies for marketing are a powerful tool for showcasing your results and helping your target audience understand the work that you do. While there are various methods for creating a case study, this blog will provide examples and advice for creating a case study of your own.  Why are ...
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